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Chrome pigment(Pigmentos de Cromo) High performance pigment(Pigmento de alto rendimiento) Organic pigment(pigmento organico)
Solvent Dyes(Colorantes solventes) Metal Complex Solvent dyes(Metal complejo de colorantes solventes) Iron oxide(oxido de hierro)
Titanium dioxide(El dioxido de titanio) Special carbon black(Negro de carbon Especial) Pigment Preparation(Preparacion de pigmento)
Resins(Resinas) Metal oxide pigment(Pigmento de oxido de metal) Dyestuff(Colorante)
Ultramarine blue(azul ultramarino) Effect pigment(pigmento de efecto) Flush pigment(pigmento flush)
  Metal Complex Solvent dyes(Metal complejo de colorantes solventes)  
Complex Solvent Dyes Solvent Black Solvent Yellow Solvent Orange Solvent Red Solvent Blue Solvent Green Solvent Violet
Solvent Brown

Metal complex-solvent dyes
Color card C.I.NO  The Equivalents Code
  Solvent Yellow 21 (BASF)Yellow 156 DMC-801
  Solvent Yellow 82 (BASF)Yellow 157 DMC-802
  Solvent Yellow 19 (BASF)Neozapon Yellow 140 DMC-803
  Solvent Red 109 (BASF)Zapon Red 346 DMC-804
  Solvent Red 109 (BASF)Zapon Red 346 DMC-804-1
  Solvent Red 8 (ORIENT)Valifast Red 3304 DMC-805
  Solvent Red 122 (BASF)Red 335 DMC-806
  Solvent Red 122 (BASF)Red 335 DMC-806-1
  Solvent Red 119 (BASF)Red 355 DMC-807
  Solvent Red 119 (BASF)Red 355 DMC-807-1
  Solvent Red 132 (ORIENT)Valifast Red 3320 DMC-808
  Solvent Red 218 (ORIENT)Valifast Pink 2310 DMC-809
  Solvent Red 218 (ORIENT)Valifast Pink 2310 DMC-809-1
  Solvent Black 27 (BASF)Black X 51 DMC-810
  Solvent Black 27 (BASF)Black X 51 DMC-10-1
  Solvent Black 27 (BASF)Black X 51 DMC-810-2
  Solvent Black 34 (ORIENT)Valifast Black 3804 DMC-811
  Solvent Black 29 (BASF)Black X 55 DMC-812
  Solvent Orange 45 (ORIENT)Valifast Yellow 3108 DMC-814
  Solvent Orange 54 (BASF)Zapon Orange 251 DMC-815
  Solvent Orange 62 (BASF)Zapon Orange 272 DMC-816
  Solvent Blue 70 Neopen Blue 807 DMC-820
  Solvent Blue 5 (ORIENT)Orient Oil Blue 603 DMC-821
  Solvent Red 32 dfs DMC-823
  Solvent Red 49 (BASF)Baso Red 546 DMC-824
  Solvent Red 124 (NZC)Meco Fast Red R-357 DMC-825
  Solvent Red 160 (BASF)Neopen Red 365 DMC-826
  Solvent Brown 43 (IDI)Navipon Brown 2RL DMC-830
  Solvent Brown 43 (IDI)Navipon Brown 2RL DMC-830-1
  Solvent Violet 58 (CFT)Triamet Violet 5R DMC-840
  Solvent Yellow 79 (BASF)Neozapon Yellow 081 DMC-841
  Solvent Yellow 25 (BASF)Neozapon Yellow 190 DMC-842
  Mixed dfs DMC-843
  Mixed dfs DMC-844
  Solvent Orange 99 (BASF)Zapon Orange 272 DMC-845
  Solvent Black 28 (CI)Orasol Black CN DMC-846
  Mixed dfs DMC-852
  Mixed dfs DMC-852-1

Application: 1, Wood coating

2, Printing ink

3, Leather dyeing

4, Glitter material dyeing

5,Metal foil
Package: 10KG,25KG bags and drums
highly recommended recommended limited suitability