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Chrome pigment(Pigmentos de Cromo) High performance pigment(Pigmento de alto rendimiento) Organic pigment(pigmento organico)
Solvent Dyes(Colorantes solventes) Metal Complex Solvent dyes(Metal complejo de colorantes solventes) Iron oxide(oxido de hierro)
Titanium dioxide(El dioxido de titanio) Special carbon black(Negro de carbon Especial) Pigment Preparation(Preparacion de pigmento)
Resins(Resinas) Metal oxide pigment(Pigmento de oxido de metal) Dyestuff(Colorante)
Ultramarine blue(azul ultramarino) Effect pigment(pigmento de efecto) Flush pigment(pigmento flush)
Hydrocarbon Resins Polyethylene Resin(CPVC) High Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin (HCPE) Chlorinated polyether Resin Polyamide Resin UV RESIN


Polyamide Resin

  Acid Value (mgKOH/g) Amine Value(mgKOH/g) Viscosity Softening Point Color Freezing Point
Grade (mpa.s/25) C (Fe-co) C
DMC-108 5 max 5 max 90-180 105-115 7 max 3~7
DMC-188 5 max 5 max 90-180 107-117 6 max -7~ -3
DMC-308 5 max 5 max 120-180 140-200 6 max 8 max
DMC-388 5 max 5 max 90-180 107-117 6 max -2~2
DMC-508 5 max 5 max 80-180 115-125 7 max -4~4
DMC-588 6 max 6 max 80-150 100-180 7 max -10 max

Polyamide resin DMC-108 (cosolvent and general grade):

Common co-soluble polyamide resin is a kind of economical and practical resin, which is developed accommodating to the market requirement. It has good stability, good solvent release, strong bending flexure, marvelous glossiness, strong adhesive power, fine gel resistance. In indoor temperature, it can turn-fost,widely be used to printing fields.

Polyamide resin DMC-188 (cosolvent and cold-resisting grade):

Low freezing point co-soluble polyamide resin,which has well frost resisting property (i.e. Well gel resistant) and indoor temperature turn-frost compared with the same kind of resin. The resin has good adhesive power to most tackled film, and its compatibility with the nitrifying cotton obviously higher than other homogeneous products. So that this kind of resin is the ideal choose to gravure printing ink.

Polyamide resin DMC-308 (cosolvent and hot-resisting)

It is a kind of cosolvent  polyamide resin. it's melting point reaches 140-200C,and the fuse resistance surpass other resins. at the same time it has good gloss,good adhesion, anti-friction, anti-scratch. If put it into other resins in the printing ink, the abrasion resistance, anti-scratch may increase.

Polyamide resin DMC-388 (cosolvent and for export)

DMC-388 is a kind of cosolvent polyamide resin. Made from high-purity raw material, designed with more unique formula, advanced technical process, it has good transparency, outstanding glossiness and adhesion, and good solvent release properties. It can be used to make gravure ink of high quality.

Polyamide resin DMC-508 (alcohol-soluble and general)

The alcohol-soluble polyamide resin is easily dissoluted in alcohol. It can be dissoluted in 95% dehydrated alcohol, dissolves aids the release is extremely good .It widely used in the domain such as gravure printing ink of plastic film, the flexo printing ink of plastic film domain.

Polyamide resin DMC-588 (heat-resistance, alcohol soluble)

DMC-588 is a kind of alcohol-soluble Polyamide resin,which easily dissolves in alcohol. It can be dissoluted in 95% dehydrated alcohol, and made by high purity raw material. It has higher softening point, good solubity to accohol, excellent transparency and glossiness, and good solvent release.It widely used in printing field.


Gravure printing ink.

Flexo printing ink.

Over-printing varnish

Packing: paper bag compond with plastic, the 25KG/bag. 

Storage and transportation: Please be cautious to keep it away from high temperature, moisture-proof, better store it in coolly, ventilates dryly place; In the transportation process ,it should be keep away from the humidity, the date exposing to the sun, the rain drenches .


highly recommended recommended limited suitability